Rowdy Jones

Yes, that is my real name Rowdy Jones.

I grew up where if you said you’re going to do some thing, you did it right the first time,
and where a handshake meant it was a done deal, two great values to live by even

I won my first design contest in third grade, a poster on good posture.
I went on to obtain a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Memphis State University.

I have experience as a creative director, art director, designer, exhibit designer, copywriter, production director, and a passionate account executive.  I have learned to listen closely to my clients and produce quality materials to meet or beat their Advertising/Marketing needs.

My career has allowed me to work for diverse agencies, design firms and corporate creative groups.  I had the opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the business, making me a very valuable team player for all my clients. When it comes to materials, I only partner with the very best vendors.

In 2007, I made a commitment to my son who wanted to play select soccer year-round. I started Compear Design, allowing me the opportunity to get him to all his practices and games. It paid off for both of us, he received a scholarship to play Division I soccer for Wisconsin and I learned a lot about him and myself. Now it is time for me to concentrate on growing my business by finding more dedicated business owners who can use my skills and expertise.

When I am not working, my wife and I transform into sports parents watching our son play soccer for the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Go Badgers!

When we are not watching soccer, we look to the skies and are learning a lot about stars, galaxies,
and quasars from our daughter who is getting her Ph.D. from Dartmouth in Astrophysics.

When I do get a break of my own, I enjoy Photography, Bowling, Golf, Shooting, and Fishing.